„I photograph, to find out, how it looks, when it got photographed.“
Daniela Köppl was born in 1978 in Linz - Austria. 
After studying Agribusiness Marketing and Management at the University of applied Science, Weihenstephan, Germany, she started working as a Marketing Manager for an Austrian Agribusiness. Four years later, when she improved her self tought graphic design skills, she started her own advertising agency, where she combines her professional capability with her longtime passion for photography. 
Since 2015 she is studying applied and artistic photography at the Prager Fotoschule, Austria, to increase her artistic skills. Her photographs got published online, in business prints and magazins. She presents her artistic work in national group exhibitions and participates on contests, where, in 2017, she won the voestalpine nextpicture award. 
Naturalness, captivated in spontaneus and realistic settings describes her artistic work most effectively.
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